If we look back at the history of his excellence president 

Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

we will see that he was born in  Dire Dawa, Ethiopia on the 27th of November 1947. 
His father Omar Guelleh in the nineteen thirties belung to the first wave of indigenous tutors of Djibouti before working for the company of the railway linking Ethiopia to Djibouti.

Guelleh migrated to Djibouti before finishing high school.
Although he worked for police, he was always  pro-independence and supported Djibouti self-governance and sovereignty the period of struggle for independence during which he clearly showed an active commitment led him to getting
fired from the police in 1974.
From that time he converted all his energy into giving new impetus to the LPA.
The African peoples led by future president has soundly afterthought during this crucial period.
 that shape the destiny of the future nation he actively participated in sensitizing citizens into  independence.
Guelleh was first elected as President in May 8, 1999.
Political party: Peoples Rally for Progress
Spouse:Kadra Mahmoud Haid